Rainbow swirl cupcakes

These cupcakes have been really popular lately, and I wanted to share with you just how easy they are to make. You don’t need a lot of equipment or technique for some real wow factor. Firstly you’ll need some cupcakes. My favourite vanilla cupcake recipe is here.  I love the texture of these cupcakes – […]

A special book cake

My favourite cakes, without question, are ones that have special meaning or personal connection to the recipients (and by extension, to me). I have the most fun creating the smallest details that not everyone would understand, but that I know are meaningful to the person receiving the cake. Even better is when I can gift […]


Pretzels are a regular after school snack in our house and I make a batch every single week. I first made these pretzels after our family European holiday in December 2013 (based on the recipe here). We visited my good friend Carola in Germany, and her husband made some delicious soft pretzels. Every single time I […]

Tim Tam Malteser Balls

  These delicious balls of chocolate-y goodness have become a regular treat in our family to use as a gift. Whenever my kids want to give a little gift to a friend or teacher, I am more than happy to help out (although these are so simple that they usually make it themselves). No matter […]

In the beginning…

I’ve been making fondant decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies for a few years now, and so many of them tell a story. Cakes are inevitably tied to a happy occasion, be it birthday, wedding, anniversary or just getting together. This blog is a way of documenting those memories for me and I hope that it […]