About Me

Hi, I’m Linda, and welcome to my baking blog! I have loved cooking since I was a kid, and have more recently discovered a love for decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies. But I like to mix it up with some savoury recipes as well. I hope you are inspired to create something delicious and beautiful yourself.

My career path out of high school was in science, but while I loved the research and structure of experimentation, I missed the contact with people.  I thought a natural progression would be to teaching, but at the tender age of 20, I didn’t feel any older than the kids I was supposed to be teaching! The perfect combination of science and ‘people’ for me came next in radiation therapy (my second Bachelor of Science degree!). I absolutely loved this career and appreciated the opportunity to do my part in helping people through a difficult period in their life.  While just embarking on this career path, I met my husband-to-be and started helping out with his transport business in my ‘spare’ time.  Eventually I ran out of time to do both and chose to work full-time with my husband doing the accounts (a very steep learning curve!). Soon after came baby #1, followed by #2 and #3.

Fast forward 12 years and I decided to make a special cake for child #2’s 10th birthday. I honestly can’t remember how I came up with the idea, or how I sourced the fondant or flower cutters, but I do remember how proud I was of that cake (for more detail of my cake journey visit my post ‘In the beginning…‘).

I know this is a common theme among cake decorators, but that first cake really ignited something in me. I relished that creative process and felt such satisfaction.  It was more than just pleasing my daughter with a beautiful cake – I hadn’t felt such personal achievement in a long time. I also really enjoyed the process of learning something new, and putting that into practice.

And now it’s time to learn something new again – this time how to run a blog. It is kind of nerve-wracking putting content out there for anyone to see, but what have I got to lose? Maybe someone will even learn something, or pick up a new recipe that they can use. As my kids grow up and leave home to embark on their own lives, I’m all at once nervous and excited as to what changes that will bring to my life.

If you’ve made it this far, then thank you for spending the time to read a little about my story. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I’d love to hear any comments that you have.