Tim Tam Malteser Balls


These delicious balls of chocolate-y goodness have become a regular treat in our family to use as a gift. Whenever my kids want to give a little gift to a friend or teacher, I am more than happy to help out (although these are so simple that they usually make it themselves). No matter the occasion, I love it when they want to show appreciation to others. A small gesture of thanks often goes a long way.

I found the recipe here and loved the fact that there are only 4 ingredients, and a very simple method. The combination of Tim Tams and Maltesers is just genius, and there is something special about the texture of them crushed together. I recently made a batch with flavoured Tim Tams (salted caramel with vanilla, and choc mint) and they were amazing!

So, how simple is it? Just crush 1 packet of Tim Tams and 1 cup of Maltesers (sadly, there will be some left over that you will just have to snack on as you keep going). I use my thermomix to crush them, but you can also just put them all in a large ziplock bag and break up with a rolling pin or similar (a great stress relief activity!). Next add half a can of condensed milk and 1 cup of coconut and mix it all together.

Take about a spoonful of mixture, roll it into a ball and place into a small bowl of extra coconut. This part gets a bit messy, so I usually rinse my hands a couple of times throughout the process. Slightly wet hands actually make rolling the balls a little easier though. I would recommend rolling about 8 balls at a time and then coating them with the coconut in a batch.

Pop them in the fridge to firm up and you are done!

NB – Depending on the size of the balls, one batch makes around 20. I usually make a double batch to use up one whole tin of condensed milk – if this is too many for whatever the occasion, I can guarantee the left-overs won’t last.

Tim Tam Malteser Balls

You will love these sweet little balls full of delicious chocolate flavours. There is no way you'll be able to stop at one!

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 20 pieces


  • 2 packets Tim Tams
  • 2 cups Maltesers
  • 2 cups coconut dessicated
  • 1 tin (395g) condensed milk
  • extra coconut for coating


  1. Crush Tims and Maltesers to a course crumb.

  2. Mix through coconut.

  3. Add condensed milk and combine.

  4. Roll a tablespoon of mixture into a ball and coat with (extra) coconut.

  5. Chill for approx 1 hour until set.

Recipe Notes

  • You can alter the texture of these balls to your liking depending on how much you crush the ingredients in step one.
  • Try mixing up the flavour by using flavoured Tim Tams or other chocolates, for example Kit Kat.



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