New York Cookies

My very lucky 14 year old daughter spent a school holiday last year on a 10 day trip to New York.  What a great experience for her, travelling overseas with school friends and teachers! From the teachers’ point of view, I’m not sure travelling to New York with 30+ teenage girls is actually a holiday, but they made the whole thing possible, so I’m very appreciative.  My daughter asked me beforehand if I would make some cookies and bring them to the airport when they arrived home to give out to the teachers as a thank you gift. One of my favourite ways of showing appreciation is with beautiful treats, and I hadn’t made cookies for ages so I looking forward to doing these.

I started with a basic sugar cookie recipe (I used Sweet Sugarbelle’s recipe) which I cut out using a t-shirt cutter. One batch made 42 cookies. I left these on the cooling racks for about 5 hours, then made a half batch of white royal icing (again, Sweet Sugarbelle’s recipe) and I set a small amount (about 1/2 cup) aside to colour red and black.

I outlined each shirt in white icing and filled it in, using a wooden skewer to even out the icing.

These cookies were then left to dry for about 7 hours – overnight would have been better, but I was a bit short on time. Once the white icing was firm (you could touch it without sticking, but any pressure would leave an indent), I began piping the lettering (‘I’, ‘N’, ‘Y’). My piping skills need a lot of practice!!

The last detail was a red heart. The cookie design initially seemed quite simple, but it was definitely time consuming.

After all that hard work, it really is very rewarding to see a tray full of gorgeous cookies.

The last step was to package the cookies and tie with ribbon. I really enjoyed doing these cookies and I loved the end result.


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