In the beginning…

I’ve been making fondant decorated cakes, cupcakes and cookies for a few years now, and so many of them tell a story. Cakes are inevitably tied to a happy occasion, be it birthday, wedding, anniversary or just getting together. This blog is a way of documenting those memories for me and I hope that it will trigger wonderful memories for you too. I also have a love of learning and sharing knowledge, so I’d love to be able to teach you a few caking skills along the way.

The story so far…

Like many of you out there, I loved baking a cake for my kids’ birthdays, and they were always an important part of any party. In 2005 I made a chocolate cake for Ashleigh’s 2nd birthday, and went to great trouble decorating it with the words “Happy Birthday Ashleigh” – there are even two different colours! I know you can still buy those writing gel tubes at the supermarket. The look of expectation on Ashleigh’s face in the first photo is just precious – kids are really so easy to please. Even after all these years, and some even more amazing cakes, the facial expressions when kids eat cake are still pretty much the same.

It was only in going through some old photos that I was reminded of this next cake which was actually a bit of a surprise. It was Brendan’s 5th birthday in 2006 (he is now almost 17 – eek!), and I made a pirate ship. I vaguely remember finding a cake shop and buying brown fondant, but the rest is truly a blur. It seems quite out of character with anything else I had ever done, and I’d love to know where I found the instructions (clearly, this is not something I just made up on my own). I’m quite proud of myself looking back at this one.

pirate ship cake

The next great advancement in my caking career was the purchase of a heart-shaped baking tin and it has been used many times since. In another decorating master stroke, I’ve added a Winnie-the-pooh cake topper (from the supermarket) on top of some very messy blue icing (or maybe the drip effect was ‘in’ back in 2008?). Happy 2nd birthday Sophie!

Then in 2011, Brendan struck it lucky again. I shouldn’t doubt your ability to recognize the brilliance, but you can you see how cleverly I have created the number 11 in Smarties? In yet another step towards a great cake, I have layered this one with some kind of filling (hard to tell exactly what).  The messy drip look was obviously still a winner.

And now the cake that I think truly started my current love of decorating. It was Ashleigh’s 10th birthday in 2013 and it was really quite a step up. I don’t remember where I found the idea or the instructions, but I think it turned out quite well, and I do know that Ashleigh loved it. Of course now I could pick it to pieces for technique, but everyone has to start somewhere, and the memory of a happy birthday far outweighs any criticism I may have now.

Thanks for joining me on this little walk down memory lane. If you have any cake memories you’d like to share, please comment below because I’d love to hear them.

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