A special book cake

My favourite cakes, without question, are ones that have special meaning or personal connection to the recipients (and by extension, to me). I have the most fun creating the smallest details that not everyone would understand, but that I know are meaningful to the person receiving the cake. Even better is when I can gift a cake – to me it is a personal form of artwork – and I get such satisfaction that someone will appreciate the work that has gone into creating it, and enjoy eating it too.

Recently I had the opportunity to create a special cake for a teacher at my daughter’s primary school. James Lindsay has co-written (and self-published) a series of books with his brother, and they recently launched the second book. They are both action/adventure stories, a bit Indiana Jones style. The fact that James has written these alongside being a full time teacher is really inspirational. (Don’t get me started on admiration for teachers in general, that is a whole other post!!).

This cake had a lot of impact for really not a lot of work/skill. The cake itself is a simple vanilla cake layered with buttercream. That is covered in a layer of dark chocolate ganache and then fondant. The sides are white fondant which I have scored with a pointed tool (kind of like a skewer) to resemble the pages of a book, and the top is black fondant. The hero of the day though is the edible image. As luck would have it, I had an electronic image of the book cover which I sent to Cakes Around Town to print for me. It is essentially a sugar paper printed with edible ink. Placing it on the cake is as simple as removing the plastic backing sheet, slightly wetting the top on the ‘book’ with water, and then smoothing the image on.

My ‘sweet moment’ from this post, would be if you followed the links and purchased a copy of James’ books – I promise that you won’t be disappointed! You can purchase his books here from Amazon, or buy a copy in-store at Dymocks. If you need any further convincing, please read some reviews here and here. For more information, please visit James on Facebook.

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